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A Simple approach to nutrition for everyday life......


My name is Kate Kennedy and I have been an active Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and now Certified Leap Therapist for over 12 years. With a Bachelors in Food Science and Human Nutrition (Clemson University) and completion of a dietetic internship (Georgia State University), I have the privilege of supporting patients with a diverse group of diagnosis and comorbidities. From oncology and diabetes to renal issues, weight loss, GI dysfunction, and auto immune.

Speaking of lifestyle, I am the mother of three active young children , so I know firsthand how a chaotic schedule can wreak havoc on our food-making decisions. But that is where my passion lies! I absolutely love helping others to create and sustain a healthy approach to not only what they eat but how they think about and approach food. Yes- healthy food can be delicious and healing and fun!

I will also touch on activity, as I am a true believer that what we consume and our belief in exercise goes hand in hand. I love all types of activities, including yoga, barre, walking, biking and literally chasing after little ones.

I look forward to starting this journey with you!



“I initially sought out Kate's services to lose weight. Although I was working out vigorously 5 days a week, I was still bloated, tired, and riddled with gastrointestinal distress. Feeling awful was my normal. When Kate looked at all my symptoms and food diary she knew something was a miss. It was more than over eating, I was eating something to make me ill.  

I had never heard of MRT or food elimination. My allergy Dr only told me to avoid the foods I was allergic to, but I was still reacting to something. The testing gave clarity to what it was. My case was a challenge because on top of having food sensitivities we had to work around food allergies. During the process Kate had a feeling something still was off. She encouraged me to go to a GI doctor and have a SIBO breath test. Again I had never heard of this condition or testing. Sure enough I had tested positive for SIBO and was in need of antibiotic. Had I not had her guidance and supervision I could have had this condition untreated.

Kate has been a constant support. I can text her and she replies immediately and she is always a phone call away. It is a HUGE comfort to know if I am shopping , or out to eat I can text and ask "Can I have this?"

Kate cares and Kate wants me to feel better. And I am finally feeling better. I had no idea how awful I had felt for so long because it was just a way of life.  To me she is a healer. I am so grateful for her guidance on this journey.  She has been a he comfort to me over the past few months. 

I have lost over ten pounds but more importantly I feel energized, healthy and I am no longer "afraid " of food.

I trust Kate. She is not only wise but has amazing instincts. I am so happy to have had her beside me on this journey.  If you are questioning her services, don't, don't waste another minute feeling awful. Start your journey now, stay with it, commit and you will feel better.”

Simply Kate! Can’t thank you enough for your guidance and support on the Leap Journey! While I am only a month and a half in, I’ve already seen great results. My sinuses are clearer than they have ever been, my thyroid is down one dosage level, bloating is not an issue anymore, my energy is up and an added bonus am down in weight! It can be intimidating to start a diet but have to give it to Kate for helping to make it easy and being there for you whenever you have questions. Thank you Kate for helping me take a leap into a healthier lifestyle! 

My husband and I are so thankful for the time and effort Kate put into his testing. He suffered from a pretty bad Colitis/Crohn's flare up and with the guidance of Kate we were able to reduce the pain, as well as get it into remission. We were quickly able to eliminate trigger foods as well as slowly bring back in foods that were safe and caused no harm. He is now able to recognize when a food is causing a symptom that potentially would end up causing pain. Highly recommend getting this testing done!

Simply Kate led me in a journey to wellness. I was shocked to learn my serious, chronic health issues (inflammation, Hemiplegic Migraine, and Fibromyalgia) were caused by specific food sensitivities. Kate helped me understand my test results, customize a plan that works for me, and supported me as I learned about a new style of healthier living. I feel tremendously better, now that I know what I can safely eat. I am living a life that I thought might never be possible again. Simply Kate is simply great!