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Contact me for a free 20 minute assessment so I can help guide you on your path to achieve your dietary & lifestyle goals.


Initial Consult

During this 75 minute visit I will review your health history, assess your lifestyle/health habits, and establish goals for your dietary/lifestyle changes.  Also includes one email follow up and customized meal plan with grocery list.

Three Session Lifestyle Package

Ideal for those struggling with a new diagnosis ex. Celiac, Chronic renal disease or Diabetes. I will help you address your health needs and design a meal plan around your new lifestyle whether its figuring out recipes, reading labels or navigating through the grocery store.

Package includes three 60 minute consults to help adjust to your new lifestyle , customized meal plan with grocery list. If local, one consult can be swapped for a grocery store tour. 













Food Sensitivity/Jump Start your Health



Restore your health with LEAP/MRT program: a patient-specific approach to establish a healthy eating plan by eliminating food sensitivities from the diet. 

An anti-inflammatory diet is designed using a comprehensive blood test to identify the foods, additives, and chemicals that are causing immune reactions. The end result is reduced inflammation, reduction of symptoms, and an improved quality of life. If you feel like you're eating healthy but are still having low energy, headaches and not losing weight, maybe your not eating the right foods . This program is designed with you in mind and will determine the best foods  for you. 

Package Inlcudes 3 counseling sessions: one 60 minute  initial consult, one 60 minute consult (after leap test) and one 30 minute follow up . Mediator Release Test, Custom Lifestyle Eating and Performance (LEAP) diet plan and six weeks of  email support. 

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Food Sensitivity Heal and Restore/Promote Gut Health

This package is designed for those suffering from autoimmune disorders, IBD/IBS, GERD, migraines, Celiac or other inflammatory diseases. Let me get to the root cause of your issues and heal your gut from the inside. 

Package includes 5 Counseling sessions: one 60 minute initial consult, one 60 minute consult (after leap test), and three additional 30 minute follow up consults, Mediator Release Test, Custom Lifestyle Eating and Performance (LEAP) diet plan and 12 weeks of follow up emails. 

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Payment Plans Available for large packages and Credit Cards can be excepted through Pay Pal.